Development, Training and Research Centre Europe is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization based in Europe which believes that through education, research and dialogue we can equip people with the necessary tools to contribute to a better future for their country.

In order to attain change and improvement, DTRC facilitates several projects:

  • Development projects
  • Research
  • Educational programs
  • Conferences
  • Political trainings
  • Trainings for Professionals
  • Business ventures and trade

Our Centre assumes a facilitating role between parties from Europe and other continents that are willing to engage in the aforementioned programs and wish to positively contribute to the development of countries.

In order to effectively deploy our time, we primarily wish to focus our attention on countries which could benefit most from European endorsement and resources. Subsequently we have, concurrently with our nonpartisan and independent character  accorded specific attention to the empowerment of marginalized groups such as women and religious minorities.

DTRC Europe can provide all practical matters such as accommodation, itinerary, visa applications and other matters upon request of the engaging parties. We can conjointly contribute to the establishment of meaningful programs with the assistance of our staff members, located around the world, who have enjoyed profound experience and education.

Our centre considers itself to be a bridge between East and West. We are a venue where exchanges are made available for actors of society to equip, exchange and train the country’s leading actors to become the hope for tomorrow.

In case of questions or interest in any of our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.