Training for Political Parties

DTRC Europe in collaboration with four political parties, has designed a three-year political training which is accessible for politicians, government employees, civic organizations and individuals willing to actively represent their community and contribute to positive change in their country.

The participating political parties are CDA, ChristenUnie and SGP from the Netherlands as well as Bundnis-C from Germany.

The three-year training will contain three courses per year of approximately three consecutive days of training. Approximately one course a year will take place in Europe. Lecturers will be from western countries or are Iraqi university professors who can contribute their expertise.

The training aims to reinforce, unify, equip and educate the target audience in order to enable them to represent vulnerable and minority groups in government, politics, and the reconstruction process in liberated areas.

DTRC Europe has, since its foundation, aimed to empower vulnerable groups in society which experience discrimination, violence or other forms of inequity. Through the empowerment of marginalized groups, such as religious and ethnic minorities we wish to advance citizen participation and government inclusiveness which would reinforce the opportunities of these groups to sustain and protect themselves on governmental level.

Especially in this time of deficiency, leading actors should be equipped to reconstruct a durable future for all represented groups including religious and ethnic minorities.

Please register using the following registration form or e-mail for inquiries and registration.