The Netherlands,

In 2015, DTRC Europe in collaboration with the Dutch political reformed party, organized a conference ‘Leadership, Innovation and Regional Economic Development’. The conference took place in Iraq as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium where we visited the European Union. The members of the European Parliament, Charles Tannock, Bas Belder and Branislav Skripek as well as the Dutch parliamentarian Kees van der Staaij entered into discussion with participants and presented them with a recognition of participation.

Subjects which were addressed during the conference were:

  1. “The rise of Islamic State and persecution of minorities in Iraq”.
  2. “Reconciliation between different people in the Middle East, just a dream?”
  3. “Fighting hatred towards minorities”.

The European Union is a democratic institution par excellence and through organizing encounters and exchanges it is aimed to create understanding and information exchange. In addition to trainings from members of parliament, the politicians from Iraq received time to brief others on the political situation in their country.